Friday, July 8, 2011

Life So Far

A Quick Run Down…

Kalen is attending the University of Utah. This fall he'll be finishing his last two courses in his Bachelor's Degree for Civil Engineering. He will also begin two classes for his Master's Degree. I believe he'll be focusing on Structural Engineering. He works full time during the summer at Rocky Mountain Power as an intern.

Jenell, well I quit my job after graduating from the University of Utah in May. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication: Strategic Communication; it combined marketing, advertising, public relations, and journalism. I loved what I studied at the U so decided to find a job in that field. It's taking a lot longer than expected but have had a few interviews recently that I'm waiting to hear back on.

Since the summer began and I quit we have been acting like crazy people. These are some of the adventures we've done thus far.


• Las Vegas, Memorial Day Weekend: We went with our couple friends, Mitch and Autumn. We had yummy food, hung out at the pool, and went to Cirque du Soleil: Mystere.

• Scuba-Diving: We got a great deal from Groupon to take an intro course for scuba-diving. We want to get certified now!

• U2-360 Concert: My dad gave the tickets he won on the radio for my graduation. It was pretty sweet!

• Moab, UT: Went down to Moab with my Dad for less than 48 hours. Got there, camped out, went climbing on Wall Street, Jeeping Hell's Revenge, camping, drive home.

(This is from last year...but the only climbing photo I could find!)

• Les Miserables, 25th Anniversary: Lost the magic. So much better 10 years ago. But worth seeing since Kalen hadn't seen it before.

• SKYDIVING: We jumped from a plane!

• Taking Back Sunday Concert: FINALLY! I've been wanting to see these guys live and on the floor since forever. Kalen got me tickets for our anniversary. It was super sweaty...I mean sweet!

• Fish Lake, Shramm-Eaves Reunion: We caught some huge fish! (And dressed up like pirates!)

• 4th of July: We have begun our annual tradition with the Greaves. Sugarhouse Park, BBQ, games, etc. Kalen and I realized our love for Frisbee this year.

And more to come this summer…I’m heading to Boston for my mom’s big 50th Birthday! On a sad note…Justin, Erin, and Bennett, (Kalen’s brother’s family), are moving to Baltimore. Awesome for them. Sad for the rest of us Wilsons that are stuck here until their significant other finishes school…oh wait…that’s just me!